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Journal of Energy Chemistry 2014, Vol. 23 Issue (1) :43-49    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-4956(14)60116-9
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Direct conversion of corn cob to formic and acetic acids over nano oxide catalysts
Liyuan Cheng, Hong Liu, Yuming Cui, Nianhua Xue, Weiping Ding
Key Lab of Mesoscopic Chemistry, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, Jiangsu, China

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Abstract Considering energy shortage, large molecules in corn cob and easy separation of solid catalysts, nano oxides are used to transform corn cob into useful chemicals. Because of the microcrystals, nano oxides offer enough accessible sites for cellulose, hemicellulose and monosaccharide from corn cob hydrolysis and oxidant. Chemical conversion of corn cob to organic acids is investigated over nano ceria, alumina, titania and zirconia under various atmospheres. Liquid products are mainly formic and acetic acids. A small amount of other compounds, such as D-xylose, D-glucose, arabinose and xylitol are also detected simultaneously. The yield of organic acids reaches 25%-29% over the nano oxide of ceria, zirconia and alumina with 3 h reaction time under 453 K and 1.2 MPa O2. The unique and fast conversion of corn cob is directly approached over the nano oxides. The results are comparative to those of biofermentation and offer an alternative method in chemically catalytic conversion of corn cob to useful chemicals in a one-pot chemical process.
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Keywordscorn cob   chemical conversion   nano oxides   biomass   formic acid   acetic acid     
Received: 2013-09-13;

This work was supported by the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China (Grant No. 20100091120035) and NSF of China (21103087).

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.Direct conversion of corn cob to formic and acetic acids over nano oxide catalysts[J]  Journal of Energy Chemistry , 2014,V23(1): 43-49
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